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Use our Monero JavaScript web miner and earn money with your page traffic!

Your users will enjoy an ad-free experience when running the script in their browsers while they mine cryptocurrency for you. Unique offer on the market - completely free script for web miners! We do take 1% fee, but we give you this back (and more!) in form of Referral Program! So this is powerful solution for JavaScript mining at effective 0% of your total hash rate!

What is CoinImp?

CoinImp is the new effective JavaScript miner that can be easily embedded in your website. Browser mining is excellent alternative to ads. This way web mining users will pay you with their CPU power for accessing your content.

With CoinImp, Monero is mined by using your visitors CPU resources which would be otherwise wasted. Why not Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other? Because Monero value is quite high and it can be mined with similar efficiency by CPU and GPU, while mining other cryptocurrencies with CPU makes no financial sense.

Our JavaScript miner has more advantages than other javascript mining solutions. Our web miner isn't blocked by Anti-viruses or AdBlock and if it gets blocked eventually, we react and work hard to unblock it. We think responsible web mining will be part of future ad market.

coinimp javascript web miner


Browser mining has never been more safe. People are now opting for high-security level cryptocurrencies like Monero due to the fact of the personal information that each day is more difficult to save. Monero uses privacy technologies such as Ring signature, encrypting transactions and IPs of users bringing another step further to anonymity.


Transactions with Monero are allowed on all markets, from micro sales to large investments. You can turn it to a passive income anywhere, from JavaScript codes to Mining pools. Use your site traffic or CPU power to earn money. Monero is decentralized, no government, foundation or central institution is responsible for the platform.


Monero can be mined from PC (high/low spec), mining rig, or even your cell phone. It can be stored in computer wallets, smartphones wallets and paper storage. Since it's a digital currency you won't have to worry about your vendor or exchangers blacklist the Monero. For investment purpose, this is more than enough to as attract any investor to invest on it.

Opened to Users

Users can glance to identify the source code of the software to validate the security of it. It has a really good healthy and mature team of devs who are always working to make the currency more reliable, untraceable and secure even in the future when the digital currency will replace the paper cash. Monero is an affordable digital currency to purchase for the investment purpose.


Monero is virtually infinite. It has a constant emission queue that will cause inflation to continuosly fall. Miners can always get at least 0.3 XMR per block so there won't be shortage of rewards; blockchain will remain safe.

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Full Privacy

It's not just another Bitcoin clone. Monero was written from the ground up to deliver genuine privacy and anonimity.

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Stealth Address

Your wallet address never appears on the public blockchain. This means no one that knows your wallet address can see how rich you are and how much you spend.

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Exchange Trade

Accepted widely at exchanges, allowing you to get your funds in and out of Monero easily.

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High Security

Cutting edge Celliptic Curve Cryptography that protects your funds from thefts.

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Roger Ver, known as "Bitcoin Jesus" for his evangelical support of the currency during its early years... said his investment in Monero is "substantial" and his biggest in any virtual currency since bitcoin.

Source: Bloomberg

How to start JavaScript mining?

It's very easy... Register in our service and add our CoinImp code to your website, It's free and you can find it in our Dashboard. That's it! - Just relax and enjoy your earnings...