About CoinIMP

CoinIMP service was released back in 2017, with the purpose of providing the most profitable mining solutions to our clients. Not too long after that, we've reached lots of users and we're considered among the best and most reliable JavaScript mining service providers in the world.

coinimp javascript web miner
  • Easy-to-embed JS miner
  • A transparent alternative to ads
  • Your site visitors provide CPU power in exchange for enjoying your content and tools
  • Available coins can be mined by CPU and GPU with similar proven profitability
  • Our website miner isn't blocked by anti-viruses or Ad blockers

Our JS mining service was released as a Monero-only miner, an open source private and egalitarian Cryptocurrency using CryptoNote technology.


Less than a year later, we included Webchain, a fully traceable CPU mineable coin, supported by its own blockchain, designed with a unique code that combines ETC interface and a customized CryptoNight version as its hashing function in order to remain egalitarian.


Then we decided to undertake a new project focused on website owners and advertisers, our own Webchain-based utility token called IMP, a digital asset designed to fuel a content promotion platform that represents an advertising revolution in web monetization.


Our newest project is a platform for crowdfunding, crypto exchange/trade, and token creation, based on the Webchain Blockchain. Earn support for your projects and support others as well. Therefore, you have a chance of using WEB that you mined through CoinIMP to support projects at Mintme


Our team is always working towards the best and most profitable tools for our users, so you can expect more news from us!