CoinIMP v1.2.0

Aug 16, 2018
New Currency added; now you can mine Webchain with CoinIMP:
Now, when you log in to your dashboard, you have option to mine either Monero or Webchain - a new revolutionary Smart Contracts and Dapps enabled blockchain, that is CPU minable. Webchain is very young, but it is also rising fast. We recommend you to mine it and hold it for now, otherwise if everyone will be selling, its price would be driven down, due to the still very small market. Mine it now and sell it later, when its price is much higher!

The possibility of adding a warning message about mining on your website
Browser mining just became more transparent! We added the possibility of informing users that you’re running a mining script on your website. When creating a script to add to your website, you have a checkbox which can be used to create a warning message on your website telling users that your site uses browser mining. The warning message is customizable, so you can ask your users to disable adblocking app/extension or their antivirus, or any other disclaimer you would like to add to your website. We encourage our users to enable this feature, so their site visitors are aware of the mining process. It’s time to start paving the way to the acceptance of browser-mining.

Improved modals of Sites
Adding a new site will show a “Save & add new” button next to our traditional "Save" button. “Cancel” button added into edit site modal. Additional approval for deleting an existing site from your sites will be required from now on.

Added loading animations for various values in statistics
Now you can see that certain values are currently loading instead of seeing static values for a moment until they get updated.

Added "Read more" button for posts on News page
The news section is becoming bigger, for the first time we have a convenient way of navigating through the news page.

We additionally fixed the following things:
Some Visual improvements;
Fixed responsiveness of Documentation page;
Fixed few cases with IE and Edge errors regarding Sites loading;
Text corrections across the site.