CoinIMP v1.3.1

Jan 8, 2019

Token Sale campaign

Revolution in web monetization has started! Don’t miss an exclusive opportunity to take part in our Token Sale for a limited period of time! For that we developed and . Go check it now!

Why would you want to buy IMP tokens?

It’s simple: in a world of total monopoly of Google AdSense there has to be an alternative way of web monetization. And so we came up with our solution. For more details please read whitepaper .

How are tokens going to be used?

Advertising platform is in plans for 2019-2020 (check roadmap in whitepaper ). It will allow to use acquired tokens for advertisement matters. Price of advertising your products is going to be transparent and fair because of natural trading volumes after Token Sale is finished.

Do we run Airdrops?

Yes, absolutely. It’s an important part of each Token Sale. You can sign up right now for getting your chunk of IMP tokens after doing few simple steps.

Also read our announcement thread

Referral program of Token Sale

Don’t forget to involve your friends too. Copy your unique referring url and let your friends sign up. If they would like to buy some IMPs also, you would be getting 5% commission for each of their purchases. Pretty sweet, right?

Users feature

For easier management of your own users, we finally implemented this feature. You may find it in Dashboard right under Sites submenu.

All you need to do is to set usernames of your website where our script is placed. All statistics of mining is going to be visible right before your eyes, in Users submenu.

In case your visitor doesn’t have a username on your website, statistics will go to Anonymous user.

We did HTTP API users requests for the feature also. These are next:
Balance - get the total number of hashes: the withdrawn hashes and the current hashes for a username. Think of it as the balance of a bank account. Hashes can be paid in through mining, and withdrawn through.
Withdraw - withdrawn hashes for a username. If successful, the requested amount will be subtracted from the user's balance. Withdrawn value will be total withdraws of the user
List - Get Uslist - Get Users list.


  • user/balance 
  • user/list
  • user/withdraw

in Reference:

  • Client.User

Please read Documentation about that here

Monero payment ID

After your click “Pay” button you now see payout confirmation modal window with the option of the payment ID (you might still need it for some exchange markets).

Besides all of that we also did next fixes:

  • Fixed errors in console of profile module;
  • Changed checkbox to marked by default for notification about mining;
  • Redirect links with trailing slash in the News posts;
  • Cleared and refactored some code.