CoinIMP v1.3.2

Feb 10, 2019

Quantity selector in wallet

Now you can freely choose an amount of XMR/WEB which you would like to payout. In the past: you could payout only all crypto you got.

Statistics on main page

Have you ever wondered how many users have chosen CoinIMP, or how much have we paid out for all time? Or maybe you just wanted to know how many views do users’ sites generate per month? Now all this info you can see right at the main page. Go check it!

Improved payment system

There can be no limit of perfection, that’s why we decided to make payment system even better than it was before. If you ever had any minor issues with payouts, you won’t notice them anymore!

Improved front-end validation

You will get notified by our system if your entered email doesn’t meet common requirements of email format.

Warning notifications in dashboard

If development team would ever need to inform you about any issues of our system, you would be notified in dashboard (top of the page) by an accurate notification box of the respective color: blue, yellow or red.

  • blue represents general information you need to know;
  • yellow is going to warn you about some upcoming event or currently active minor problem;
  • red will inform you about some big problem of our system which we currently work on solving.

Changing email with 2FA enabled

If you want to change your profile’s email while 2FA is enabled, first of all you need to authorize 2FA, and then you’ll be able to change email. There can be no other order. Simple and safe, as it should be!

Disabled save email button at Profile until email address actually changes

Earlier even if you never changed email at Profile page, clicking Save triggered unnecessary refresh of the page. Now it doesn’t.

Fixed scrollbar in modal windows at /buy

If you happen to have small screen resolution or have to work with zoomed view, you were not able to deposit any of your cryptocurrency to pay for IMP tokens. Now it is possible!

New warning message in adding site menu of dashboard

If the name of your site doesn’t meet requirements of our system, you will be notified right inside of the modal window.

Besides all of that we also did next fixes:

  • Fixed a case of payment ID not showing with 2FA enabled;
  • Progress bar at /tokensale was fixed;
  • Fixed referral link at /tokensale;
  • Few typos at /tokensale;
  • Decimals for IMP tokens amount are no more;
  • Fixed WP plugin;
  • Fixed tables of sites in dashboard;
  • Fixed errors in console for wallet module;
  • Fixed a bug with reCAPTCHA at login page;
  • Problem with displaying address and payment ID on mobile devices was fixed.